Market Research

Market research ensures business owner with clear understanding of target market and competitors

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I am dedicated to helping business owners better understand their targeted market and competition.

I have years of experience conducting market research for a wide range of industries, including FMCG, chemicals, healthcare, consumer goods, technology, education, and retail. I am well versed in using various research methods, including primary interviews, surveys, and secondary research, to gather market insights to inform business decisions.

My market research services include but not limited to

Market Research:

Customized market research insights to help clients to understand their market by identifying the market size, and CAGR, forecasting the market growth, analysing internal and external market factors and trends that may affect the growth of the market.

Competitive Analysis:

Competitive analysis provide a thorough analysis of the competitors including their marketing strategies, pricing strategies, strengths and weakness. Competitor analysis sets the business up for success.

International Market Analysis:

International Market analysis helps to critically review and access demand for the particular product in the international market. It also involves analysing the important market factors that includes competitor analysing, market size, trends, legal and political factors, distribution channels etc.

Market Entry Strategy:

Ekta helps clients to develop an international market entry strategy that is tailored to clients specific needs and requirement, taking into account the wide range of market research study that includes competition, market trends, market sizing etc.

As a market research consultant, I pride myself on my ability to deliver valuable market research reports that will help clients to make informed business decisions. I work closely with my clients to understand their unique needs and develop customised research solutions that meet their specific objectives and specific goals.

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Business Plan

Business plan assist business owners to conceptualise and execute business ideas and unfold market opportunities


MSMEs are the backbone of many economies and need access to adequate information on expanding the market.