Business Plan

Business plan assist business owners to conceptualise and execute business ideas and unfold market opportunities

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My business plan services include but are not limited to
Market Analysis

Market analysis provides a deep understanding of the target customer and the company's competitor

Industry Analysis

Industry analysis provides access to the industry environment in which the company is competing

Target market Analysis

Target market analysis provides quantitative information about the targeted customers

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis provides a deep understanding of competitive products, sales, services, and tactics and evaluates their strength and weakness.

Marketing Plan

A marketing plan provides a strategic roadmap to organize, execute and track the marketing strategies. It is an advertising strategy that helps businesses sell their services or products.

Financial Plan

Financial Plan details how a business can achieve its financial goals. It provides the company's income, expenses, cash flow, etc.

Market Research

Market research ensures business owner with clear understanding of target market and competitors


MSMEs are the backbone of many economies and need access to adequate information on expanding the market.